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About this item

  • 🔥【Upgraded Anti-Spy Detector】: With the 3rd generation intelligent chip, this hidden camera detector not only helps to expand the detection range to 100Mhz-8Ghz, but also enhances the anti-interference of the product. Both 2G/3G/4G/GSM signals can be detected quickly, and this anti-spy detector can easily find hidden cameras or bugs around it in the environment.
  • 🔥【Professional Bug Detector with 4 Modes】: Hidden Camera Detector is capable of detecting a wide range of surveillance or listening devices: 1. Wireless WiFi Signal Detection 2. Magnetic GPS Detection 3. Red Infrared Light Detection 4. Flashlight. With 2 alarming modes of beep sound and vibration, and 5 levels of adjustable sensitivity, it can be applied to a variety of situations.
  • 🔥【Portable & Durable】: Koilboane hidden devices detectors are made of advanced PC material, small size (0.63 * 0.83 * 3.46 inch), light weight (24g), very easy to carry and use. You can use it in many places like dressing room, conference room, bathroom, hotel, rental house, office, etc, using it to protect your personal privacy and important information evertwhere.
  • 🔥【Amazing Battery Life】: The spy camera detector has a built-in 800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which takes only 2 hours to fully charge. Up to 30 days standby time, even if it is used continuously for 25 hours, it will not stop working, completely solve the battery life anxiety. It is the best choice for traveling.
  • 🔥【Excellent Customer Service】:The Koilboane provides LIFETIME wanrranty for all products. Customer service team is online 24 hours a day. You can contact us with any questions and we will provide you with satisfactory solutions within 12 hours.

Koilboane Hidden Camera Detector—-Your Personal Privacy Protector !

hidden camera detector

Still worried about hidden cameras spying on you? Afraid of being bugged when you talk? Worried about having a GPS tracker installed in your car?

When you are in a hotel or a strange environment, do you have any thoughts of above ?

Koilboane hidden devices detector will solve all your worries!

It uses the latest generation of chips for easy operation, longer detection distance and better anti-interference capability. This anti-spy detector can detect the presence of hidden cameras, surveillance devices and GPS trackers around you, fully protecting your privacy and information security.

There’s no way to hide surveillance equipment anymore!

hidden camera detector and bug detector

4 in 1 Anti-spy Detector

Koilboane spy and bug detector is utilizing the most upgraded chip in the market. Not only limited to detecting hidden cameras, it can also help you detect WIFI signal devices/GPS tracking devices/hidden recording devices, etc. It integrates 4 functions in 1 device: infrared detection/signal detection/GPS detection/flashlight, making it easy for you to find the device that is peeping into your privacy anytime and anywhere.

  1. Infraded Lights Scanning Function: Push up the IR lens and briefly press the mode button, the 3 IR lights on the back will light up. Use the red filter to scan every cornor of the room, when you find a reflection spot, that’s the camera lens. Glad you find it !
  2. Signal Detection: In this mode, you’ll hear the “Di-” sound when this detector find any suspicious WiFi devices around you. The blue indicator and the flashlight will blink and go out to remind you too. Adjustable Sensitivity is supported from 1-5 level. Higher level means higher sensitivity.
  3. Magnetic GPS Detection:This mode can be used to detect if the vehicle has a GPS tracking device installed. Press mode button twice, the green light will turn on, move the detector to the place to be detected, once a suspicious object is detected, an alarm will sound and a blue light will turn on.
  4. Lighting Mode:Koilboane portable anti spy detector comes with an LED flashlight, so when you detect a suspicious device, you can turn on this mode to find it.


Suitable for All Environment

hidden camera detector

Work For All Situations

This anti spy detector can be widely used in daily living and business life, including but not limited to :

  1. In a hotel when you are traveling;
  2. Join an important meeting with clients;
  3. Rent a house in a new place;
  4. Live in an Airbnb room;
  5. Change clothes in a dressing room when shopping;
  6. Drive in a car;


Just take this small device, it will save you a big problem.

The bug and hidden camera detector

spy camera detector

camera detector spy camera finder

hidden camera detector

Small in size, easy to use

The bug and hidden camera detector is very small in size (3.46 in) and weighs only 20g, making it very portable.

With 3 buttons on the body, all operations can be done with one hand, making it easy to use.

Built-in battery, longer in life

This spy camera detector has a built-in 800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery with type-c interface. It only takes 2 hours to charge, but can last for over 300 hours in standby mode. Long standby time to completely solve your power anxiety!

Professional anti spy detector

Koilboane camera detector spy camera finder with two working modes of sound and vibration, 5 levels of adjustable sensitivity, either 2G/3G/4G/GSM signals can be detected.

Package List

1*hidden camera detector

1*Type-C charging cable

1*User Manual

Perfcct Gift for Your Loved One

hidden camera detector


RF Frequency Range100M Hz-8G Hz
Detect Dynamic Range>73DB
Detection Sensitivity<0.03mv
Infrared Scanning Range1-5 meter
Alarm methodVoice/Vibration/Visible LED
Charge Input5V 1A
Battery Capacity800mAh
Charge PortType-C


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