Intehill 4K Portable Monitor High-end 13.4-inch

 for Laptop and Mini PC • High-end 13.4-inch Small Computer Monitor • with Golden Ratio 16:10 and Resolution 3840×2400 (13.4” 4K+ U13NA)




About this item

  • [Sleek and Minimalist Design] This high-end portable monitor features ultra-narrow bezel, ultra-light weight and ultra-thin body. The enclosure is made of aluminum with anodizing space gray. It has clean lines, unobtrusive form which allows you to focus more on the content displayed on the screen. The overall esthtic adds a touch of sophistication, elegance and high-techfeel to your desk setup. The monitor is perfect for those who value both style and functionality in their workspace.
  • [Highest Resolution and Golden Ratio] This monitor features an exceptional 16:10 aspect ratio and a 13.4-inch screen with 3840×2400 resolution, providing a stunning viewing experience. The aspect ratio offers more vertical screen real estate, allowing you to see more of your work at once, especially when working on documents, browsing the web or coding. The display’s high resolution delivers crisp and clear visuals with accurate color reproduction, making it ideal for graphics and design work.
  • [Versatile Compatibility] This monitor has a mini HDMI and two multi-function USB Type-C ports. It’s primarily designed to serve as an external screen for the laptop or computer display for mini PC, allowing you to work on a neat screen or to multitask with ease. It is also versatile enough to work with game consoles, TV stick, part of smartphones to be used as a display for entertainment purposes. Moreover, the monitor is incredibly easy to use as it is plug-and-play ready.
  • [Productivity On-the-go] The monitor can be stored in a tiny space and put in a backpack to carry out, even a compact desk can be placed to use it. You can easily take the monitor and a laptop to build a dual screen setup, giving a presentation in a small meeting, staying productive on business travel and getting the work done at the cafe. You can build a 3D model on one screen while referencing ChatGPT-4 answers on the other, take notes on one screen while learn online course on the other.
  • [Quality Guaranteed] Our company is a professional portable monitor supplier with the ability to develop and manufacture the monitors independently. We have sold massive monitors in the last ten years and received testimonials from worldwide customers. Intehill monitor is quality guaranteed. They are made of Class A+ panel, 100% tested and passed the FCC, PSE, and CE certificate. The monitor has one-year warranty, feel free to contact us for any quality issues or technician support.


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